Without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say, "thank you for the music..." —ABBA

Singers on the Grand was formed as a fundraiser for the opening of the Grand Ledge Opera House in the 1990s. Founder Libby Brandon was a great believer in showcasing the talents of local musicians to share art with her community. Libby was also one of the co-founders of the variety show "Mudge's Follies" that has run since 1980 in Grand Ledge.   

The first production, "Gershwin on the Grand", premiered at the Opera House in April 1994. The ensemble officially regrouped in 1998 and have presented 23 different themed season revues to date. Singers on the Grand is now directed by Libby's daughter, Katy Brandon McDonough.  

Over the years, Singers has featured many different talented vocalists and instrumentalists of the "Grand Band". We joyfully carry on Libby's mission and tradition: performing exciting music from movies, Broadway, jazz and pop hits, plus rare musical gems.

2022 Tapestry: the 1970s Revisited
2021 Yesterday: the 60s in Song
2019 Fifties Favorites
2018 The Wonder of Music
2017 20th Celebration Season
2016 All About That Music
2015 Anything Goes!
2014 Takin' the Show on the Road
2013 Toast of the Town
2012 American Classics
2011 Mostly Movies
2010 Our American Songbook
2009 Starring the Standards
2008 Broadway...and All That Jazz
2007 Broadway and Beyond
2006 All-Star Broadway and Pops
2005 The Magic of Music
2004 Legends of Broadway and Jazz
2003 Singing the Century: Gershwin to Andrew Lloyd Webber
2002 Always (Irving Berlin)
2001 Rodgers & Hammerstein...with a Little Bit of Hart
2000 The Song Is You (Jerome Kern)
1999 Let's Do It (Cole Porter)
1994 Gershwin on the Grand  

SOTG Alumni by year
Pictured: founder Libby Brandon
Bill Atkin, 1994–2018
Gary Ford, 1994–2010
Harvey Hoffman, 1994–1999
Melissa Brandon Smith, 1994–2000
David Songer, 1994–2000
Celiarose Varner, 1994–1999
Kathe Leyrer, 1994–2018
Deb DeWitt, guest artist since 1994
Mary Jenks, 1999–2000
Jim Kasprzak, 1999-2018; 2021–
Martin Underhill, 1999–2010
Sue VanKampen, 1999–2007
Bob Engardio, 1999–2015
Scott Stearns, 2000–2009
Jon Underhill, 2000–2005
Angie Carr, 2001
Herm Bushnell, 2001–2014
Dorothea Martin, 2001–2019
Don Farnum, 2001–2020
Sally Brown, 2003–2008
Mark Peterson, 2004–2005
Chris Eberhart, 2005–2006
Abbie Matthews, 2007–2011
Barb Frazier, 2008–2016
Bill DeWitt, 2009–2016; 2022–
Rachel Paxton, 2011–2013; 2019–
Alison Grojean, 2016–2018
John Ross, 2017-2021
Daniel Rahl, 2018–2020
Kaley Rahl, 2018-2020
Charlie Slocum, 2019–2020
Mike Anderson, 2019–2020
Mike Barger, 2019–2022
John Dillingham, 2021–2022  

View our 20th season commemorative program (2017–18) featuring many faces and memorable moments of Singers on the Grand.

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